Helpful Tips For Choosing Between a Hard and Soft Top For Your Jeep Wrangler

Trying to decide between a hard top and a soft top for your Jeep Wrangler?  They both have their benefits which we’ll go over here in this article to hopefully make your decision easier!

Benefits of a Soft Top

There are many styles of soft tops for Jeep Wranglers. Options for summer, winter, and different weather climates are easily available and usually pretty cheap when compared to a hard top.
They also give you flexibility.  Want to just take out the sides?  Can do.  How about leaving the front on but letting your back passengers get some air, no problem!
The combinations are nearly endless and easy to set up.  Soft tops are really the best way to enjoy nature as well, they are much easier to take off than a hard top, so if you want
an impromptu trip to the beach with the top off, done and done.

Downfalls of a Soft Top

One of the main downfalls of a soft top is durability.  They will only last a fraction of the time that a hard top will due to wear and tear.  They are also somewhat less secure than a hard top
as it’s easier to cut into or remove, so you’ll want to be more careful with the items you leave in your Jeep.

Benefits of a Hard Top

First and most obvious is better protection.  Since it’s a hard top, you’ll be more set up like a car and protected from the elements.  You won’t have to worry as much if a storm is coming through, you and your interior will be well protected.
Hard Tops are also more durable than the soft tops.  They can last just as long as your Jeep without needing replaced, and they can take a beating.  You’ll also have the benefit of storage.
With the hard tops, you can add any number of racks, cases and the like to help get you to your destination.  Finally, you have the added security. With the hard top being so similar to a car,
it’s much less likely to have someone break into your car, and it’s much easier to lock up

Downfalls of a Hard Top

Hard Tops are definitely more expensive than a soft top.  So if you’d rather spend your money on a bunch of cool accessories, you may want to factor that in.  The other issue is the hard tops
are much harder to remove than a soft top, so if you’re going to do an impromptu trip and the weather looks great, you’ll need to get someone to help get that hard top off.  Most people
with the hard tops tend to remove them much less often than the soft tops.
Need a little more guidance?  Here’s an installation video for both hard tops and soft tops for you to watch, and see which one you might prefer to do.

We hope that helps make your decision a little easier on whether you want a hard top or a soft top for your new Jeep Wrangler.  Be sure to check out our inventory of Jeep Wranglers at and
We’re constantly getting new and used Jeep Wranglers in, so let us know what you’re looking for, and we can set you up in the Jeep Wrangler of your dreams.